Holiday in Italy

Travelling to Italy remains one of those experiences in life that cannot be underrated. This is the country where you can find sun, sea, good food and crazy, but welcoming people all in one.
It should be enough for every traveler looking for a new destination and begin a country (and not) holiday; but the truth is that Italy has got much more to offer!
Whether you're looking for a cultural experience in Florence or Rome, sailing on a gondola within Venice canals, enjoying the rolling hills and the charming countryside of Tuscany, admiring the clear waters of the Amalfi Coast or tasting the rich and undistinguished flavours of Emilia Romagna, your holiday in Italy will be filled with fascinating culture, stunning countryside and beautiful cities.
Countryholidays Italia suggests to be curious and dare to approach the true Italian culture: don't stay in a simple hotel; sleep in boutique hotels, charming villas, bed & breakfasts, relais and farmhouses, instead. You'll have the freedom to spend each day as you wish.
Choose your personal spot of tranquillity, and explore Italy either by car, on foot or by bike.


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